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The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. - Mitch Albom (author)


Kindness Towards Humanity

Who We Care


Manolayam Trust came into existence on 28.02.2003 to render services to socially and marginalized sections of the society. MANOLAYAM started its initiative with some income-generation programs in the project area believing that economic empowerment improves socio-cultural status of individuals and households. Its initial emphasis was to initiate need based programs in each village which include awareness generation, rehabilitation of disabled, health programs including AIDS interventions and rural development programs.

Our Causes


Upliftment of Differently-abled

We aim to provide and promote diagnostic paramedical and supportive services for the welfare of people with disabilities.


We are working towards providing education to marginalized sections of society to help empower them to earn a dignified life.

Awareness Generation

We strive to empower the youth & women Adolescent through our various programs to help them gain hope and confidence.

Our Help To make a change


Relief and Rehabilitation Services

We are doing services relief and rehabilitation services to the poorest and downtrodden and depressed and persons with disabilities both physical and mental disability and implementation.

Special School

Special School for children with intellectual disability in which 35-45 children benefited every year.

Financial awareness

Community based NERDP for disabled to guide them to get and monthly honorarium and needy loan to them from Bank / Govt. with subsidy grant.

Early Interventions Programmes

We are doing screening camps to poor children to Screen disability in Infant / Children and started Early Intervention and needy treatment to minimize the deformities.

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lives impacted through special schools
children benefited through the SSA IED program
Special Residential Bridge centers for ID children
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differently-abled persons benefitted

Become Volunteers

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Our Involvements


Education Camp For Poor

Last month, we had a great education camp for two weeks which brings most enthuastic things to people who attend the meetings. We brings best educationist to teach people who are willing to learn. Its a successfull campaign.

War Prevention initiative

Last week, we had a blood donation camp in a village Dthohyo, Kenya. Lot of people donated blood and had a certificate from the charity team. This will boost us to run most blood donation camp in the future.

Education Camp For Poor

Few days back, we ran poverty relief camp in Towndown Hall, Newyork. We received and honored our chief guest and started our camp grantly. We collected the funds from our beloved donors. In the end of campaign.


Donate Now To Make a difference

We are raising our hands to help the marginalized section of the society. To help them, please donate by clicking below button.



Person 1

Jessica Joe is our beloved kind hearted volunteers having great heart to help helpless. In her busy schedule, she helping people regularly. She raising few children for their food and education. She wants to help people inregardless of the religion and countries.

Person 2

John Peter is lovely guy who is having great ideas to help people irrespective of the money but technically. By having his guide, we can easily reach and teach uneducated people. He is techie and his techniques are easy to understand for people who all are uneducated.



"Charity is one of the best NGO in the world. Their motivation towards helpless people is great. I wish them to have great futue and ongoing. I want to regularly work with them."

Roshan Singh, Social Activist

Moving with



Our team has been striving to inculcate an empathetic bond by caring for and empowering the underprivileged sections of society.


Our dedicated team of volunteers has been working continuously to create a beautiful impact for the past many years.


Our team is working with the zest to make a change through efforts by solving many issues and concerns prevailing in society.


We believe as a part of a society, it is our obligation to look after one another, irrespective of any differences.



Who We Are and Why?

We are a non-profit working towards providing support and empowering the marginalized section of society.

How To Become Volunteers?

To become volunteer of our NGO, check the link at the end of the page or drop us a text at EMAIL ID or PHONE NUMBER

How Can I Donate To Manolayam Health Care Trust?

You can donate by using our website or can provide check and mailed to our address. We welcome you.

What are the timings of the NGO?

We are working  from 9:00 am to 7:00 m from Monday till Saturday.

What will Manolayam do with my donation?

Your donation goes in building infrastructure for children with ID, for training teachers, providing supporting services to women and children in need.

Do you share donor’s information with other organizations?

No, we do not share donor’s information with any other organization under our privacy policy.